How to Overcome the Fear of Dolls?

Fear of Dolls (Pediophobia)

Fear of dolls (Pediophobia) is a fairly regular kind of phobia. It is a nervousness disorder connected with a range of dolls from conventional/porcelain dolls to dolls that talk and move. Pediophobia is measured as a limb of Automatonophobia or a fear of humanoid facts.

Phobias generally occur from exterior events (traumatic events) or predispositions such as heredity. These phobias can then be triggered at present by an event which is attached to the past, such as from the person’s babyhood. This arrangement of heredity, past events, and general brain chemistry can all play a significant role in the cause of this fear.

This arrangement of heredity, past events and general brain chemistry can all play a significant role in the cause of this fear.

Some Interesting Facts of Pediophobia or Fear of Dolls are:

  • Pediophobia is the irrational, unnecessary, and continual fear or agonizes of dolls. It is a specific phobia belonging to the class of Automatonophobia.
  • Pediophobia is a disorder where the human being is afraid of all humanoid or human-alike but not-quite things including mannequins, marionettes, ventriloquist’s dummies, Animatrix, robotic figures, wax figures, etc.
  • The word Pediophobia derived from ‘Paidion’ which stands for ‘little child’ in Greek and the word ‘Phobos’ stands for fear or deep dread. Many adult victims of Pediophobia identify to fear little kids.
  • Several Pediophobes are scared of all kinds of dolls while others are recognized to be afraid of only specific kinds of dolls like the talking/walking dolls, stuffed dolls, and Chinese porcelain dolls, etc.
  • Frequent targets include fear of dolls that talk or move and outdated Chinese porcelain dolls.
Fear of dolls (pediophobia) could be caused by incidents that happened in past or because of movies with horror genre.
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Causes of Fear of Dolls

  • Pediophobia (Fear of dolls) is also probably triggered by a deeply traumatic or negative incident of childhood that is slightly associated with dolls. The young mind subsequently forever associates dolls with the shock and recalls the downbeat feelings come across then.
  • Dolls linked with witchcraft bring misfortune to an individual, was a common myth in the past. To an individual body, already suffering from anxiety disorders or nervousness, all dolls symbolize as evil.
  • Dolls have permanent staring eyes with soulless pools devoid of any passion akin to those of a stiff; can make younger children afraid of them.
  • Dolls exposed in a depressing light is exploding. A lot of horror movies and novels have portrayed dolls as villainous or evil characters that come to life to cause harm to humans. This can persuade fear in childish or overly-nervous minds.
  • Naughty older siblings or friends can also unintentionally infuse fear of dolls in the minds of younger brood by telling them stories of dolls coming to life at night.

Symptoms of Pediophobia

No matter the cause of fear of dolls phobia consequences powerful emotional disturbance and disorder in the mind of the victim. A number of people might come across a full-blown dreadful attack upon viewing a doll. The subsequent psychological and physical symptoms may be present in the phobic:

  • Dried up mouth.
  • The Feeling of choking to the demise
  • Shivering and trembling
  • Rapid breathing
  • Eminent heartbeat
  • Freezing on the mark
  • Crying, trying and screaming to flee etc.

A number of phobics carry out a full-blown nervousness assault in the presence of dolls including store mannequins. This can be quite discomforting as well as devastating enough to affect the usual functioning of any human being.

How to Overcome Pediophobia

Desensitization and hypnosis therapies are the two most well-liked conduct of overcoming the fear of dolls or Pediophobia.

Desensitization or steady exposure therapy consists of slowly revealing the phobic to dolls. The treatment includes looking at photographs of dolls, watching movies and reading books about dolls, etc. (until the phobics are able to stay calm in the existence of dolls without having an unease attack). This treatment is usually completed in the presence of a therapist or can be done at home too with the assistance of close people.

Hypnosis or cognitive behavior therapy also tends to reprogram the pediophobic to help him/her diminish fearful feelings about dolls, transforming them into positive notes.

Moreover, there are many treatments and solution for this phobia. In severe cases consulting with the physician is necessary, but in lighter cases, people can ‘’cure’’ themselves using some basic steps listed as follows:

  • Behavior therapy and anti-anxiety medicine
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Exposure therapy
  • Relaxation strategies – controlled breathing and visualization
  • Utilization of Meditation-Meditations can treat anxiety; however, there are no studies which help the effectiveness of medication within the treatment of meticulous phobias.

Pediophobia or fear of dolls is not something incredible connected only to kids or children. This is a severe difficulty for many people, out of whom some people admire it, but probably many of them normally hide this fact. Although this was a massive crisis in the past, today there are many customs to beat this fear. Trying above stated steps, people can overcome this fear usually. However, they should visit a doctor for better counseling.


If anyone really wants to stop fearing the dolls, try to face dolls alone. Many people try to sleep with their dolls which gradually decrease the fear, this is indeed a good practice, but after some time people must feel normal and act easy. Sleeping with dolls is a very useful process; pediophobic patients should sleep in bed keeping dolls with them and act normal with it as a toy, this feeling gradually build up a strong mindset in their psyche which later on helps them overcome the fear or dread.

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