How to Overcome the Fear of God?

Fear of God
“Do God bless me?” (Zeusophobia)

Let me tell you an extraordinarily common story of Joel. Joel, a highly enthusiastic guy, joined as a business development part of the company. A day came when that company fell down and Joel threw out of the office. It was the first-ever experience of failure, depression, and Fear in Joel’s life. Somebody from his friends told him that this is nothing but a bad time, GOD is taking your exam and you need to pass from all this. The story you read is one of those hundred thousand examples of fears that lead people living on earth to the Fear of God (Zeusophobia). People like Joel live their lives on a high note but whenever life turns low, they think that it is god’s hunter.

Writer Mark Batterson explained, “The only God-ordained fear is the fear of God, and if we fear Him, we don’t have to fear anyone or anything else.” But I question WHY? Why can’t we just follow or believe in GOD? ‘Fear’ is a hell negative word to connect with God. Fear is the brain’s reaction to something dangerous, either physically or emotionally. Is God dangerous?

The term Zeusophobia comes from the Greek word "Zeus",  which according to Greek mythology, Zeus was the king of all gods and he controlled the sky and thunder.
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The term Zeusophobia comes from the Greek mythology, “Zeus” was the king of all gods and he controlled the sky and thunder.

Introducing the Fear from God, also known as “Zeusophobia”. You need to go through various stages of lives, ups, downs, higher-ups and lower downs and sometimes on a medium. Like a pop song, where the note goes high and low according to the lyrics. We think God is the Music director of our life and he has written these high and low notes. This may be true at some level but at least not the reason to get scared from god in the low situations. You need to go through various stages of lives, ups, downs, higher-ups and lower downs and sometimes on a medium.

Stats and Facts: How we get trapped in Zeusophobia?

God is the word we use to describe the Supreme Being (energy) which is known in 6 billion (or the population of humanity whatever it is) different ways because the way we experience “God’ or define “God” is how we each are.

The figure tells the story of a common man and when he got more scared of GOD. There is a saying that when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. What we do, when life gives us lemons we get scared and start praying god to turn those lemons into apples. Whenever a man gets a sharp turn in his life, he turns his head to god or maybe someone else who can give him the satisfaction that God will not punish you if you perform some tantrums.

The Second Person’s role!

Your symptoms of getting into this fear of Zeusophobia started way back in your childhood only. You won’t believe, there is always someone’s hand in letting you join hands before God or in front of somebody else. You are not the one who experienced the energies of God. They may be your parent, your relative, your friend or someone you follow. In an early age may be, your father taught you how to pray and you never asked him why to pray. Then and there, you were exposed to energy or a picture or an idol that is supposed to be holding the earth in hands.

Same as this, somebody is there who put his finger in the problem of your life and connects it to God. Going back to Joel’s story, his friend played this part who gave birth to fear in his mind for God.

We all have created a misconception of God in our mind. It may be derived from the miracles you experienced and if you believe in those miracles. But most of the time, you trust somebody else’s experience of miracles. There are still strong believers or saints who deliver the message of God. People follow them to get rid of fears of life. I would also like to quote about two Indian films ‘OMG! OH, MY GOD’ (2011) and ‘PK’ (2014). ‘OMG’ dealt by a non-believer of God, who files a case against God and disciples of God. The protagonist explains how people of this country are involved in the business of Fear of God.

The film ‘PK’ is seen through the eyes of an alien who is in search of God. The alien questions the blind faith of the Earth’s residents in God. These tints of entertainment delivered a message that there is someone who actually astray your perception of GOD. This leads to a big FEAR.

We always think twice about committing mistakes as we believe that we will be punished by God. This fear of God is seen and noticed in many instances.
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Remedy? See what people do in this Fear of God!

In any kind of fear, your brain secrets ACTH hormones because of which your heart starts pumping on a faster rate or sometimes you get panic. To overcome this fearsome mood of mind, people try to avoid the situations where they are going to face this fear. But, God, as people say, is everywhere and watching us. So, How can we avoid God? No way… So, people start elaborating this fear into various other fears.

There are various methods in which that second person keeps you posting about the stones and many other tantrums to come out of this fear.

Before you never knew about this, you were a carefree person, but when you come in contact with this fear and its attachments, you feel scared. So actually the remedies to this fear spread into various other fears.

There is absolutely nothing in God to incite fear in us. Nothing. Thus, fear is never of God. This truth stands at the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. But God sent his Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.” (John 3:16-17) this passage proves that God’s motives towards us are always redemptive.

God is not out to punish us. He is out to save us. You just need to filter the preaching you are getting from the second person that if those are supportive of humanity or not. At least, stop being that second person in other’s life so that he can understand the things from his own experiences only.

Don’t knock the door of God every time you face fear as you are indirectly going deep into another bigger form of fear. Don’t blindly follow things written above, keep these things in your mind. Experience what you feel in your Fear of God (Zeusophobia).

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