How to Overcome the Fear of Society?

Fear of Society

Fear of Society

Human emotions are many, some blend to create a beautiful feeling while some stems out of negativity. Fear is one of such human emotion which makes a person vulnerable, depressed and anxious. Fear are of many kinds, it is generally dependant on its genesis. One of such kinds of fear of society is called Anthropophobia.

Anthropophobia is fear of the society, the people and their company. When you are walking down the lane and a stranger is advancing towards you, you become conscious and tensed, well there are chances you are suffering from Anthropophobia.

Social awkwardness, shyness and timid behaviour is some of the signs in this phobia. While this disease is potentially is harmful and can certainly draw you away from the crowd, people and social gathering. One of the most important aspect in this fear is its origination. It often rises from the ashes of some traumatic past experience which has mentally perturbed the mind of the person. Anthropophobia is, therefore, one of high rise psychological problem which must be treated and cured.

Statistics and Facts – Some things we must know about Anthropophobia

Fear of society (Anthropophobia) is always associated with some cause which has left a traumatic experience on the patient. This experience always hinders the person from communicating with someone else. Some facts about Anthropophobia are:

  • Anthropophobia is misconstrued to be social phobia while it is just one of the social phobia, just a kind.
  • Unlike other social phobias, Anthropophobia is more serious as a company of a single person also becomes a dreadful situation for the patient.
  • The treatment of this phobia takes a long time over many therapies and counseling sessions.
  • Each patient suffering Anthropophobia undergoes treatment which is specific to the cause of the phobia.
  • Every patient in this fearful condition resorts to ways in which they completely give up on social crowd and if the condition worsens they often don’t interact with even a single person.
  • This type of phobia is seen rising lately, though the reported cases of Anthropophobia is comparatively less than other phobias it is rapidly rising in developed countries.
  • Most cases of Anthropophobia is reported in China and Japan.

Symptoms – What tells us that we are Anthropophobic?

Every time whenever the thought of being with anyone, talking to anyone or the sight of being in the crowd haunts you, that means there is this latent phobia of people inside you.

Well in general some of the common symptoms are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Extreme panic attacks
  • Anxious feeling
  • Rapid heart pulsing in the crowd or in any social situation
  • One often resorts to ways in which they try to run away from the crowded place or avoid the social scenes.

These symptoms are common indicators of fear or phobia. While the psychological reasons may differ but that remains the only measure which tells us that it is Anthropophobia and helps the doctor distinguish.

These symptoms are often accompanied by excessive sweating, dry mouth, short breaths, increased pulse, recurring negative thoughts, troubled sleep, weakness, stomach pains and headaches.

To avoid the situation to worsen a proper medical treatment is necessary and hence a counsellor and its consultation can be a great help.  However small is the symptoms, whenever one is scared of facing another person or there is a major problem in communicating with people, making eye contact or being social, then one must take a help of counsellor which will help them overcome this fear.

Remedies – How can we overcome the fear of society?

Simple counseling will not help much when it comes to Anthropophobia. It is a fear which originated from a thought or experience, therefore it has to be treated from its root so that reoccurrence is less likely to happen.

To start with cure, the patient must visit a psychiatrist. A good detail talk is important. However the patient might refrain from interacting with the doctor because of his fear and therefore the initial stages of treatment may be little difficult.

The good part is Anthropophobia is curable and even the worst cases have been cured with proper therapies and treatment.

If this phobia is diagnosed at early stages then only a few therapy sessions with the doctor will help the patient get better. In these sessions, the doctor helps the patient in inculcate more positive thoughts, make them control their emotions and replace the fearful/negative thoughts with good ones. For instance, if someone is too conscious about how people will judge his looks at the party, then that person is often made to replace the negative thoughts like people will call him ugly or make fun of him with some positive ones like people will tell him Oh! You look great today, you are such a hunk, etc.

There can be some incidents which could be the cause for the fear of society.
Image by Antranias from Pixabay.

Treatment for Anthropophobia

The treatment and therapy differ for each patient and there is no standardized method to cure this type of fear. However one of the most used treatment is systematic desensitization, this is a gradual treatment process especially related to behavioral techniques.

This is used only when the cases are of extreme fear. This is one the best approach to treat major phobias. In this technique the patient undergoes some skills to relax themselves in any situation whenever they experience fear. Well to implant this technique strongly into them, they are first taught and then made to practice them by slowly making them vulnerable to their fear. In this case the patient might learn some socialising skills and how to overcome the fear of being in the crowd, later on they are slowly introduced to people, made to interact with them and this treatment helps is overcoming the fear and coming out of it.

Anthropophobia is not easy to diagnose phobia since it is often misunderstood to be social anxiety or shyness. One must take the symptoms seriously and try to consult a counselor so that they can at least overcome their fear of people. This phobia is one of the worst kind since it completely makes the patient deprive of their social needs which affect the life of the person personally and professionally. Also, isolation can further make the person face other psychological issues, therefore the treatment and cure of Anthropophobia is of utmost important for the welfare of the patient and their loved ones.

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