How to overcome the Fear of Water (Aquaphobia)?

fear of water

Fear of Water (Aquaphobia)

For today, I chose the topic: Fear of Water! When we read or hear this word ‘water’, we tend to draw a picture of it in our minds but what about others who are suffering from this phobia? Have we ever talked about how others feel who are suffering from Aquaphobia; yes, that’s the word.

From ancient times and till now, the world has changed in a positive manner but are we running on the right track. Each and every human being talks about their styles, attitudes and what not but have we ever talked about our weaknesses, our problems or our fears? I don’t think so! To start with today’s journey, let me tell you that it is high time we start talking about things in which people are more interested plus they will build up a sense of confidence to fight with those situations.

What is Aquaphobia (fear of water)?

Aquaphobia is the term which we further explain as ‘fear of water’ which is also known as Hydrophobia. Many people suffer from this disorder and sometimes it’s even uncontrollable for others to control the patient. It is a kind of abnormal fear which is not restricted to only a few areas of water. It could be anything! There are also situations wherein the patients can’t even enter their washroom; it is that scary for some. Not only by seeing water but also when they listen to the word ‘water’ or anything associated with it, they tend to avoid these terms and refuse to participate in any kind of discussion. Their heartbeat runs faster and sometimes it is also difficult to control their behavior and reactions.

Aquaphobia; fear of water is an easy fear to overcome very easily, it takes time. Sometimes the person doesn’t want to enter a swimming pool or even want to have a glass of water in spite of being thirsty.


Statistics say that Aquaphobia is more common and deadly than you can even think of! It is said that every person suffers from one or the other type of phobia. If we talk about Americans then the numbers indicate that between 8.7% and 18.1% of them are suffering from this phobia. Now you can imagine how many Indians suffer from fear of water. There are no proper numbers given on the internet as far as Indians are concerned who are suffering from this particular disease, or aquaphobia.


A human being is not born with fears; rather fears develop when human being initially experiences it or seeing another person suffering from the same fear; fear of water. Here, we’ll discuss some of the facts related to fear of water, aquaphobia. As we have already studied about the actual meaning of this term, now further we will be learning about how it develops; the symptoms and also how you can adopt some remedies to have control on your fear. And further, let us start learning about various facts in the next sections of this article.

Fear of water or aquaphobia could easily be overcome, by doing the right exercises and taking the right professional help or therapy.
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Symptoms of fear of water:

When you go and see a doctor, he/she will always ask you about how you feel; the symptoms. After listening to those symptoms only, the doctor is able to detect the problem and accordingly prescribe you the medicines. Similarly, in this part also you need to understand the symptoms of Aquaphobia or Hydrophobia.

  • Inability to swim: This is one of the most common symptoms from which the patient goes through. He/ she have always this fear that the person can’t swim at all.
  • Fear of drowning and then death: Every human being thinks that a person suffering from aquaphobia experiences only one problem; which is, fear of getting drowned. But that is just not it! The person suffers from many other problems except this one.
  • Avoiding entering any water bodies: Another symptom which is common in all the human beings suffering from aquaphobia.
  • Shortness of breath: Another common symptom every patient experiences suffering from this particular phobia. Even if you do not step into any water body, still you will feel that you are not able to breathe properly.
  • Increase in heartbeats: Just the way you deal with any of your business transaction, in the same way, your heartbeat increases at a very fast base.
  • Tremors: This is again another very common symptoms patient goes through who is suffering from this fear of water. When your whole body is tremoring, you just cannot control them at all. So you need to be really careful!
  • Sweating: This is but obvious! If you are experiencing any kind of fear, it is very natural that you will sweat before trying out anything new associated with that fear.

These are the main symptoms from which the patient suffers. So it is really important for you to see and watch out these symptoms in the people around you. By doing this you will be able to track down this fear of water and accordingly you can take the patient to the doctor.

How to overcome the fear of water?

When you are suffering from any kind of disease or fear, some remedies work really well. And further, we shall be discussing the same.

  • Exercises: There are some light exercises which you can try every day to avoid any difficulties.
  • Professional help: Counselling performs a very positive role and helps to develop your personality is a beautiful manner.
  • Therapists: They act just like a guide who are highly professional; they know how to handle the patients.
  • Swimming lessons: Perfect way to overcome your fear of water. Practice makes a man perfect, so can you. With regular practice, you will be able to overcome your fear.
  • Medications: Medicines is a quick type of alternative to overcome with your Aquaphobia.
  • Cognitive therapy: There is not much information available about what exactly this therapy means but yes it does transform you’re thinking from negative to positive.

These were some of the remedies you can try out to fight with your fears. Never give up and try to lead this world with positivity, you will surely overcome with your fears; not one but many.

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