Top 10 Books for Curing Phobia, Anxiety, Fear and Depression

Phobias, anxiety, fear or depression, all can turn people’s lives upside down. It is important to treat these issues as soon as possible. Doctors might advise a number of pills in order to provide a patient with relief. Nonetheless, these pills are not effective at all.

Through surveys, it was found out that these pills only provide a cure for a short term. In the long term, the pills are only responsible for the longevity of the disease. Initially, the depression or anxiety might be at a lower level but if the pills are consumed regularly, there might be occurrences of harsh effects.

In order to avoid pills and to treat the anxiety issues, I would suggest a few books that would help people to cope-up with anxiety and depression and ultimately recover from it completely. These books will only be effective if people are open to their problem. Just accept the fact and read the book with full belief. When you will follow the methods given in these books, positive results will follow slowly and gradually.

The books that will be suggested are available easily both online and offline. So, my top 10 picks are:

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns

The number one book on my list is Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns. It is the best book when it comes to treating anxiety and depression. The way the book has been written is worth mentioning.

Dr. David Burns discusses fears, anxiety, and depression that people face on a daily basis. There are multiple factors that make people feel lonely, sad and depressed. A psychiatrist by profession, Dr. David Burns suggests a number of techniques through which people would be able to tackle anxiety.

The most amazing thing about the book is that it does not encourages people to indulge in drugs. The anti-depressants are known to cure only a part of the problem while the biggest chunk of it remains intact. So, Dr. David Burns is of the thought that when people would try to be positive and they will brush aside negativity, a sense of achievement will be observed.

The book is all about building self-esteem. Self-esteem is considered to be the biggest element that lacks in people and thus they develop anxiety and depression. When people build self-esteem, even the greatest feats are conquered easily.

Dr. David feels that cognitive therapies can produce positive results in mitigating depression and anxiety. The cognitive therapies have proven to be really effective when incorporated in the right way. As people lean over the chapters of this book, they will definitely notice a remarkable change.

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book about Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

Fun, humour and excitement can literally make people feel great. However, with anxiety and depression going side by side, no one can imagine the fun. Nevertheless, Jenny Lawson has beautifully managed to connect the two entirely opposite things; Anxiety and Fun.

Sometimes, the solution lies in the problem itself. When people are encouraging about their flaws, they will admit what is going wrong within them. This is how people would try to suggest solutions so that they can live life to the fullest.

Jenny herself experienced depression and developed a beautiful book in order to convey her fight and struggle through which she became more confident, happier and satisfied. She has produced an image in her book through which the readers would be able to witness what Jenny witnessed during her struggle.

Jenny Lawson suggests a number of ideas through which you can get rid of depression and anxiety. The best thing about the book is that Jenny shares her personal experience with the readers. Therefore, while reading the book, people would be transformed into a beautiful world of joy while recovering from their issues.

Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety by Robert Duff Ph.D

From a self-help book, people can also expect some straight, blunt and honest advice. Subsequently, Robert Duff has compiled the book in a similar manner. The author tries to be really casual while not stigmatizing anxiety. He never indulges in providing full-fledged lectures and keeps it really simple.

When someone talks to you like a friend, you are immediately convinced. You become thoughtful of the person and you rely on their advice too. In a similar manner, Robert Duff tries to give people a piece of friendly advice regarding anxiety and depression.

He talks in simple, blunt and straight tone just like a friend. Apart from it, a number of tried and tested techniques are provided in the book. These techniques will prove to be dangerous weapons in order to get rid of anxiety and depression.

The book is exceptional and not so hard to read. In short, the book will be helpful for everyone whether they are aware of scientific jargons or not. The author has focused on conveying natural thoughts through simple language while keeping the recovery process extremely precise and meaningful.

Anxiety as an Ally: How I Turned a Worried Mind into My Best Friend by Dan Rykart

Have you ever thought of anxiety as your ally? Would you ever try to make your worst enemy your best companion? This book is all about it. It asks you to embrace your anxiety and depression related issues with an open heart. By doing it, you will witness a gigantic change. However, give some time to it. Patience is the key. Hold it firmly and conquer the world.

One of the best book to relieve anxiety and depression; Anxiety as an Ally: How I Turned a Worried Mind into My Best Friend. Dan Rykart is able to convey his raw emotions and thoughts of his own journey. In his journey, he battled with anxiety superbly. Then, he went on to become one of the successful public speakers who achieved many milestones. He transformed himself into a perfect personality by facing his fears.

His own narrative regarding anxiety and depression lets people overcome the issue. When people read about his side, courage makes them move forward. Dan Rykart mentions that he did make his worst enemy his best companion. This only activity led him towards thorough success. Follow his footsteps, grab the book and start with it.

What to Say When You Talk To Your Self by Dr. Shad Helmstetter

This book is effective enough to tell that people can become what they think of themselves. The power of the mind is unique and can truly guide the action of people. The book suggests that that people can reverse negativity when they try to be practical. By reading this book, the techniques will be unveiled. However, these techniques are only going to be helpful when they are put into practice.

The book focuses on self-talk and advocate ways in order to revamp the negative outlook and switch negativity into positivity. The key is to stay firm and steadfast in positive practices. Slowly, the results would show.

In anxiety, people start building negative thoughts. So, by reading this book, they will be able to erase and replace the negativity with positivity. Nonetheless, the book transfers immense motivation towards the people. When someone says that you cannot do it, this is the point where you would want to prove them wrong by doing it.

The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques: Understanding How Your Brain Makes You Anxious and What You Can Do to Change It by Margaret Wehrenberg

As suggested by the name of the book, the author provide the readers with 10 effective methods through which they will be able to recover from anxiety and depression. Margaret Wehrenberg is a leading mental health clinician who has worked really hard in her respective field. Therefore, she formulated 10 basic, effective and practical strategies in order to terminate the negativity.

As the author is a clinician, she implies a variety of methods such as mindful awareness, breathing techniques, cognitive control, self-talk, and many other methods through which people can overcome anxiety and depression.

The methods are related to brain sciences such as cognitive, behavioural and physical tools will be provided. The practical tips have been successful in curing many people.

My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind by Scott Stossel

Stossel too suffered anxiety and depression. So, within this book, people will find his actual experience. Stossel went on to research about anxiety, fear, and depression. He spent many years in compiling thorough research in order to help people struggling with anxiety, dread, fear, restlessness, and depression.

Scott Stossel’s account on whatever he faced during that awful time is worth a read. He opens up in front of the readers so that they get apt motivation and thus develop a drive in themselves to explore the horizons. Scott Stossel has discussed a variety of medical professionals such as Hippocrates, Galen, Darwin, Sigmund Freud and many others as well. Through their studies, he was able to extract important information that will help the readers of the book to become stable once again. He discusses social, neurological, and environmental causes of anxiety. Thus, he delivers many productive tricks to overcome anxiety. This is one of those well-researched books that people can totally rely on.

Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks by Barry McDonagh

The above-mentioned book is full of motivation and drive. Berry faced depression himself too. Based on his own experience, he suggests a variety of ways to tackle depression. The book is extremely simple and is quite easy to read. When the techniques suggested in the book will be put into practice, the results will follow bit by bit.

The book rises above other anxiety cessation, self-help books as the author goes beyond the limits and portrays himself as your friend. The author never judges you like a patient, the way every second book does. The book and the author turn out to be your best friend in your hard journey thereby making it quite simple to handle the ordeal of a particular situation.

The book is direct and makes people face their anxieties, depression, and fear thereby suggesting the right technique to tackle the problems. Anxiety, depression, and stress can make people quite worried. This is the reason, they are unable to function properly in their lives. They would overthink about a particular situation, ultimately making themselves extremely stressed. So, the DARE technique emphasizes challenging yourselves.

In this book, people could come across the DARE technique. The DARE technique is so powerful that it can guide people towards prosperity after dealing with stress and depression. By reading this book, people would be able to incorporate the DARE technique. And they would be able to face fears with their head high.

The Anxiety Toolkit: Strategies for Fine-Tuning Your Mind and Moving Past Your Stuck Points by Alice Boyes PhD

The book is extremely true and it takes people back in the time. It starts from the root cause. It asks a question- What causes anxiety and depression?

The employment of powerful tools and evidence-based tips and tricks would help people in managing stress and depression. The basic tools turn to be quite remarkable when applied in daily life. Regularity in the inculcating the tools would be effective so that you can have success in life and work.

The book is developed for a diverse clientele. There is a lot of content in the book that suits a different kind of audience and suffices the needs of most of the readers. The best part of the book is that there is a quiz at the start of each chapter. The quiz is perfect enough to identify whether the reader is going through the particular symptoms that are written in the present chapter.

The book identifies the problems related to anxiety, stress, and depression. Therefore, it suggests numerous exercises based on the identification. The exercises are mostly easy and are known to yield positive results.

This is how the book starts making a mark in the people’s heart. When there will be enough detail regarding the causes, it will be much easier to overcome the problem. The book also consists of quizzes through which people would be able to interact with the author.

Anxiety: 5 Little Known Ways to Naturally Fight Anxiety by John Franz

John Franz is an exceptional writer and focuses on making people believe in nature. He suggests around 5 authentic ways that could treat anxiety and depression naturally. Nature has developed a variety of ways for people to tackle numerous issues. Anxiety is one of them.

The book discusses the fact that everyone once in their lifetime faces anxiety and depression. A few people might have to face severity in their issues while others might face customary anxiety issues. Nonetheless, everyone does face it.

It is necessary to understand the importance of getting rid of anxiety. The book mainly focuses on natural remedies such as Essentials Oils, Herbal Teas, Bath Salts, Body Butters and herbal remedies that are extremely effective to eliminate anxiety, fear, and depression.

When the word nature comes in, people become a bit hesitant as they have totally relied on science these days. Science has made people completely dependent on it as it has provided most of the solutions a variety of times. Nonetheless, the book will totally change the way they think.

Franz keeps everything straight to the subject and beautifully compiles the best natural techniques to cure anxiety. The techniques will develop positive results after a few months of its usage. There are no side effects of it unlike the medications and pills available in the market.


These books are meant to cure anxiety and depression. The quick read would not bother people rather there will be some sort of positivity instilled into them through these books. The books are designed in such a manner that people will gain an instant boost in their motivation. However, positive results will only follow once people inculcate the tricks and tips and follow them regularly.

Everything in this world takes a bit of time. People cannot imagine witnessing results overnight. So be patient, stay calm, relaxed and focused. Thus, give a try to these books, put an effort to incorporate positivity and make sure that every negative thing stays away from you.

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