What is Fear of flying? How to get over Fear of Flying.

Fear of Flying

Is Fear of Flying Common or It’s a Phobia?

Flying in flight is among the safest travel options for you. There have been fewer reports reported till date today about the plane crash incidents happening in the world. But still, the phobia of facing the fear of flying or Aerophobia is much common among individuals. Why does it happen? How can you overcome it? Let’s discuss it:

Do you want to know what is phobia all about? Well, according to the medical sciences, a phobia is defined as the form of exaggerated and irrational fear. It would be referring to the feeling of fear that is in one sort of trigger. There are three basic types of phobia in human nature. Specific phobia is known out to be the form of an intense, or some irrational fear of a specific trigger. Social phobia or social anxiety is about the profound series of fear that is related with the public humiliation. Sometimes the idea or concept of the larger gatherings is much terrified for you and led you to take into the social anxiety conditions. It is different from being shyness.

A phobia most often can become diagnosable when a person feels free to fight off all the fears and take them as an ordinary part of the lifestyle. Its simple solution would be all about triggering with the signs of the phobia.

Fear of Flying or Aerophobia:

Some of the people have a phobia in terms of fear of flying as well. Such a kind of phobia is known as Aerophobia. It mostly affects the little percentage of the people because it happens to take place at the travel time. If it is not handled properly, it can make the whole flying condition worse for you. Such conditions of fear of flying can bring some symptoms on a physical basis where you can experience the shaking of the body or sweating or even the irritation and change in behavior.

It is quite common that if you are traveling in an airplane for the first time then for sure the fear of getting it crash down would be common enough. But it is not your fault! It’s just because you have watched so many plane crash movies!

Fear of flying can be overcome all the way easily through some therapies for dealing with such conditions. Sometimes having a good company at your seat can help you a lot to cope with it in a better way! Readout magazines, indulge yourself into some activities or playful conversation.

Symptoms of Fear of Flying:

Now if you ever find yourself in the situation of the fear of flight, then it is important too, first of all, learn about the major signs and symptoms of it as well. Any person with the fear of flight disorder might get into panic conditions that are so much common. But still, there is some sort of physical symptoms that might take place in your body. Some of the common signs are:

• Sweating
• Difficulty in breathing
• High increase in heartbeat
• Hot chills
• Choking sensation
• Chest pains or tightness
• Butterflies in the stomach
• Nausea
• Dizziness

Causes of Aerophobia:

Till date, there are no such kinds of causes that have been figured out in knowing about the fear of flight.

• It would be originating straight away due to so many factors on physical and emotional manner.
• Most often it is genetically inherited, or hence the fear of flying may be modeled to kids by their parents.
• Watching films based on plane crashes are one of the major factors that can give birth to fear of flight in your mindset. It turns out into the feeling where you probably have no control over the situation or the safety. As long as the person avoids themselves from traveling on the plane, the worst the phobia will become.
• Hence one of the main causes of flying phobia is all about the fear of crashing that will result in death.
• It might be due to the fear of heights.
• You might get the feeling as if your mind and body are not in your control.
If you are in an aircraft cabin, you would be feeling the fear of closed spaces or claustrophobia.

How to get over Fear of Flying?

If you are completely aware of the underlying causes, then getting into the treatment of fear of flying is easy enough for you. Some of the common treatments are as mentioned below:
Group classes:
It would be better to cope with this situation by putting yourself into some group class sessions. It would last for around 2-3 days or even for a week. Such sessions considerably make the use of techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat a large group simultaneously.
Individual therapy:
Individual cognitive-behavioral therapy or hypnotherapies are some of the common therapies or treatments that are needed to improve your fear of flying.
Get yourself educated about how the airplane work or about safety measures taken by the plane to have a safe landing. This would give your mind a feeling that it won’t crash down.
Anxiety management Set of techniques:
You need to learn about breathing properly when the flight takes off as it has to be deep and does not get panicked at all. Never bring wrong or irritation thoughts in your mind. If they do come, just correct them. Find your ways out to deal with negative thoughts such as read some magazines or listen to your favorite music or watch an interesting movie.


This is the end of the discussion about the fear of flying and how you can easily cope with it by knowing about its signs and symptoms. Dealing with the fear of flight is not an intricate issue at all, but you need to get a proper consultation out of it so it won’t be shaping into some worse category of fear in your future time. The best way to deal with the fear of flight phobia would be educating yourself. Learn about working on the airplane. Make a conception in your mind that airplanes are not meant to crash down. They are the ultimate safest medium of traveling in the whole world. Never rely on the medications all the time. Therapy is needed for managing your mindset and brain functioning.
Consult your therapist right now!

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